Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why So Spurious?

Ever since the digital release of the commercial score to the box office mega-hit 'The Dark Knight' two weeks prior to it's release, I've been waiting and wondering when an extended edition would find it's way to light. To be honest, I've only been into the blogosphere so briefly, I've never been witness to how long it usually takes. That said, the other night while on a now exclusive and closed to the public blog of soundtrack afficiandos, there it was: the extended edition. Or at least, that's what it might seem like to the less obsessive-compulsive. You see, for weeks now, I have been listening to the entire commercial release of 'The Dark Knight' on a near continous basis. Multiple times a day as I sit here, typing away, every day, for the better part of 5 or 6 weeks now. So it took me little more than 45 seconds of listening to the so-called 'exteded edition' to realize what it was; or rather what it wasn't.

I can't say why anyone would make a bogus extended edition. It seems to me a lot of work for nothing. Then again, if someone where making a profit from such a thing on the street, now then it might be worth the effort. You take the commercial release of 'The Dark Knight' and you mix it with the score from the films predecessor through a program such as NGWave, and there you go. Slap on a bogus label into a jewel case and set up shop somewhere, and you might make a few hundred dollars if you're really lucky and can avoid the authorities. The unsuspecting fool who purchased such spurious item from you goes home, pops it into his or her stereo, and hears what he or she believes is an authentic extended edition score.

Of 23 tracks, I found one of value. Just one. The end titles track, which was likely acquired through other means. If a theater where quiet enough at the end of the film, the right equipment could record such as the end titles played on screen. So I'm making that sole worthwhile track available now for all of you to download and add to your commercial edition. In the mean time, I'd advise everyone to avoid spreading around the false extended edition. It's faux cover image features Batman riding the Batpod. It's 23 tracks in length, roughly 100 minutes in duration. I found it split into two CDs. It's not the real thing, folks. Trust me, and pass on the warning.