Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Have Obtained My Holy Grail...

Batman: The Animated Series. Since I was a school boy when it debuted in 1992, I have loved this show. Though the reasons changed as I grew older, it has remained one of my favorite programs of all time. It has stood the test of time and come to be considered by the majority of Batman fans as perhaps the best incarnation of the dark knight ever created; beyond even the comics from which he originated. It shook the foundations of animation and changed the way people view "kids cartoons" forever. Part of how it did so was through it's beautiful original score, composed in large part by the late great talent of Shirley Walker.

For years, obtaining any unadulterated excerpt of the score has been a near impossibility. What little has been released was done for publicity purposes, and has become primarily lost through the years. Even with the abundance of peer-to-peer programs, and the massive expanse that is the internet... some things simply remain out of reach. Or at least... they used to. Tonight... this morning, actually... I am beyond pleased to present to everyone, what has been my holy grail of entertainment scores. The largest portion of scores from Batman: The Animated Series that I have ever seen, heard, or obtained.

  • Gotham Trouble (1:50)
  • Joker Theme (0:54)
  • Bad Joke (0:17)
  • Night Search (1:31)
  • Over the City (0:51)
  • Mad Love (0:35)
  • Big Trouble (3:50)
  • Sad Romance (1:15)
  • New Power (1:42)
  • The Plan (1:40)
  • Observation (1:59)
  • Rescue (3:13)
  • Trapped (2:28)
  • Fight (2:43)
  • Hero Again? (2:44)
  • Sadness (0:32)
  • Gotham Night (0:17)
  • Ready for Action (2:09)
  • Bad Guys (0:15)
  • Robbery (0:48)
  • Needing Help (2:49)
  • Police (0:20)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Lead on Batman Animated Score!

I'm so very excited that I just had to post about this! I've got an honest-to-god lead on the score from Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995)! No joke, no DVD-rips! Pure Shirley Walker gold from a very limited release of various parts of the shows score; an actual CD they did back in the day that was (of course) never sold in stores, but rather given to various media outlets. I've obtained track one of thirty so far, and by god... this might just be the ultimate auditory orgasm giver. Especially for a fan of BTAS and Shirley's fantastic score from the show. Once I obtain the entire thing, I will be posting it here pronto-post-haste for everyone, as I know how truly awesome and rare such a thing is and I simply must ensure as many people obtain a copy of it as possible so that it stops being a rarity of the likes of the holy grail. I'll also make sure larger outlets like La Leyenda have it as well. Screw 'exclusive' to my blog... I want this out there in the world so that everyone can enjoy it!

Everyone cross your fingers, dot your I's and cross your T's, and pray to whatever deity you believe in that I get my hands on this!