Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Batman: The Animated Series - Limited Edition 2-Disc Set

Hurry up and get over to LaLaLand Records where they have just released for order a 2-disc limited edition score of Batman: The Animated Series. I've known of this release for some time, back when it was just a rumor, and waited here at my computer an hour before it's exact release time - 3 PM EST/12 PM PST - so that I could place my order as soon as possible. By 3:46 PM EST, sources from LaLaLand say the autographed (by composers Lolita Ritmanos and Michael McCuistion) had already sold out. Hopefully, my 3:21 PM EST order will be signed.

The important thing, though, is the music itself. This is the first time, ever, in the 16 years since the series premiered that any of the musical score has been made commercially available. The 2-disc set is limited to only 3,000 copies, and it's expected to sell out within 12-24 hours, if previous rare releases by LaLaLand are any indications. So get your lazy asses over there, now, and order while you still can!

You may also want to grab a copy of prolific composer Bear McCreary's score from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles as I did. Bear's work is astounding, and I guarantee we'll be hearing his name during the Oscar ceremonies at some future point. His ground-breaking work on Battlestar Galactica has helped to re-define music scores across the industry, from the subtle to the overt.

I'll have a few review with details, track listing, and images, of both scores at some point post-December 16 (date of shipping for delivery). So stay tuned!

UPDATE: Amazingly, LaLaLand still has copies available for purchase. I'm also told by a source -- webmaster of the linked-to The Scores of Batman: The Animated Series -- that a second volume of B:TAS material is also ready to go, and that a third is in the works. So to get them, Volume 1 needs to sell, folks! Make it happen! I know so many people who have salivated over B:TAS scores for years... here is the chance! Take advantage!

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