Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I've just today recieved my copy of the Two-Dic Collector's Edition Batman: The Animated Series score and having only yet listened to snipets thus far, I've got to say... if you have yet to purchase this set, do so, right now. I don't care about the economy, or the holidays, or how strapped for cash you are. This is worth it. I've got more or less all of the score tracks from this series that are available to have, in any manner. Trade, bought, shared, what have you. All of it combined does not live up to how truly fantastic in quality and selection the material on this set is. I'm blown away, especially considering how often I'm disappointed in such things.

I'll be writing a more detailed opinion, and (somehow) offering this material to you, though it's going to be problematic what with the volume of material when it comes to uploading... for now... go to LaLaLandRecords.com and buy it. You'll thank me later.

Also, I'm aware this has fairly well become the "Batman Music" blog of late, but... it's just been a phenomenal year for the dark knight, what can I say? Starting in the new year I'll try to focus back on Sci-Fi. Likely to begin with the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles score by prolific composer, Bear McCreary.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your advise - I just ordered the set and hopefully it will arrive soon.

Can't wait to hear the Elfman-TV-Theme without SFX!!!

Best regards and a happy new year!
Robert from

Anonymous said...

Great website! FYI - a link to these cds has recently been posted at Vagos.fm:


All the best!

Anonymous said...

You are right, this is a fantastic set, I am so happy that I imported it from the US.